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India Generator Co. offer power planning to ensure less downtime and peace of mind so when the lights go out you can get back up and running quickly. Our Premium Power Plan ensures we already know your needs and can offer priority service to our registered customers. Our experience and personalized service will give you the edge to ensure your production is a success. Based on the requirement of clients we are providing DG Set (Silent & Normal DG Set) for Hiring from 15 KVA to 1500 KVA on monthly & yearly contract basis. Our Makes : Kirloskar, Tata Cummins, Ashok Leyland, Mahendra etc.

Our Services

Our Best Services

We’re specialized in providing Generator Rental Services for hire, ranging from 15 KVA to 1500 KVA to small & big corporate houses & all others. We offer rental power solutions as per customer’s requirements. Our rental generators are perfect for any fast & easy temporary, emergency or backup power supply. Fully appointed control panel is teamed with our generator for ease of use and for monitoring generator performance.

Generator on Rent

India Generator Co. offer power planning to ensure less downtime and peace of mind so when the lights go out you can get back up and running quickly.

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Generator on Hire

Looking for the best Generator on Hire Services at affordable prices in Delhi? India Generator is your one shop stop for all your Generator Needs.

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Sale & Purchase

India Generator is one of India's largest and most trusted Old Generator sales and purchase companies. It is one of the most competent old Generator Set

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Gas Generator on Rent

A natural gas generator works on the principle of natural gas rather than gasoline or diesel. Natural gas generators are more cost-effective,

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PNG Generator on Rent

Need to hire a PNG generator amid the night following a sudden rundown? Why worry when our team of experts is available 24 hours a day,

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Silent Generator on Rent

Generators, particularly diesel backup generators, can be extremely loud. This is a drawback as they can impact the hearing

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    The only name for trust and potency in the field of Generator Business & Service which meet clients satisfaction and value for money.

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    “We understand that we are in the service industry and pride ourselves on providing “More Professional Service” We hold a great reputation in the field of DG hiring business. We facilitate complete installation of generators at the client’s desired place.

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Genset on Rent in Delhi NCR

India Generator Co, is a compilation of a well-equipped team of talented, young engineers. The Business service is based in South Delhi Okhla and prioritizes power planning to protect customers from the wrath of a heavy downtime. If light's go down, why worry when you are instantly back up with India Generator.

The Company has crafted the best Diesel Generator / Genset on Hire Premium Plan that offers, priority service to their registered customers. It ensures a few to no power disruptions, so that the customer’s production is a success. Its prime goal is to provide "More Professional Service" which is exactly why they insist to understand their customer’s needs and offer only what suits them best.

The Company believes that excellence lies in customer satisfaction and thus strives to achieve just that. It maintains an extremely good popularity within the area of Genset Hiring Business and all that is a result of it being the fastest Genset Hire Service there is.

The clientele loves the quality output that they receive for their investments put in India Generator and are always looking for more. The Company doesn’t just cover their productivity, it also constantly works on making sure that their client’s money is worth the services they’ve received.

All our unique gear is elaborated now and again to increase professional manpower, infrastructure, and output. Be it high technical skills, great communication, or team work, India Generator puts its best hand at work to achieve excellent results.

Why Rent A Genset?

Deciding whether to shop or rent a Generator may be primarily based on the occasions of how frequent, unscheduled and scheduled power cuts are, the customer’s want for extra backup power, and breakdown of internal power systems.

However, the most important aspect of making this decision is comparing the cost of buying with the cost that is incurred on making the system run. In most situations, it so happens that the usage of power for an entity is quite little.

In cases like these, it is quite ideal that the customers rent rather than buy the Genset. This doesn’t just help them cut expenses, but also saves them from having to maintain and restructure the generator. With India Generators, Customers are saving a whole headache trying to maintain an asset that they don’t even own but can still use like they do.

Our Services

1. Hiring / Renting Generators / Gensets.
2. AMC (Annual Maintenance Contracts)
3. Sale-Purchase
4. Sound Proofing

1. Hiring and Renting Generators / Gensets:

India Generator is all about giving their clientele less to no downtime in their precious productivity period. The whole purpose of their Hiring Gensets service is helping customers achieve the same. The Company has a whole Premium Plan set up to ensure that no sort of power disruption causes their customer’s any kind of work hindrance.

Based on research and needs of the market, the Company’s Genset Hiring involves a DG Set (Silent & Normal DG Set) for Hiring that ranges from 15 KVA to 1500 KVA and can be set on a monthly or yearly contract basis.

This fits almost all categories of businesses that include Hospitals, Commercial complex, Mall, Construction sites, Business Company, production house, exporters, Call Center, IT company, College and Nursing Homes to Power.

Our Gensets are majorly made by the following Brands:

• Kirloskar
• Tata Cummins
• Ashok Leyland
• Mahendra etc

2. AMC Contract:

Like every other capital asset needs constant maintenance and operational attention, so does Gensets. Thus, India Generators has an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) set up to provide the machine with the expert care and protection.

The Contract helps provide each Genset the attention it needs including the erection and commissioning of all types of Gensets. All of that at unreasonably low rates and quality services, all covered under the AMC. The company also has a help service set up where an experienced engineer answers all of the customer’s queries in case of any shortcomings.

3. Sale- Purchase:

One of India Generator’s other services include, Sales and Purchases of Gensets ranging from 15 KVA to 1500 KVA. The Sales-Purchase service is curated with perfection to ensure that power supply is of correct voltage and frequency. This helps keep the customer’s business run efficiently and with no interruptions.

4. Sound Proofing:

Better than a Genset is a fully sound proof Genset that is offered only at India Generator. It is an ideal selection when customers demand the sound and vibration levels to be minimum. The Company offers a low noise system with a range of 15-1200 KVA at 1 meter length.

In addition, the system is attached with a cooling system to make sure that the Genset doesn’t get over heated and has a sufficient amount of engine aspiration. As for the low noise production, residential silencers have been fitted to encounter the same.

Maintenance, Monitoring, Handling and Transportation, are all concerns that India Generator has their customers fully covered with.

• Increased Growth Prospects.
• Absence Of Ownership Costs.
• Quick And Easy Availability of Generators.
• Low Maintenance Issues.
• Zero Downtime.
• Quick Substitution.
• Immediate Scale Up or Scale Down.
• Flexibility To Decide.
• Easy Configuration and Conversion.

Factors That Help Determine The Right Generator

• What is the amount of power supply a customer needs?
• Assessing the type of fuel, the Customer Needs. i.e.: Gasoline, Diesel or Hybrid.
• Determining if the customer’s needs work better with a chain of smaller interconnected generators or a large generator.
• Statutory Guidelines that are to be abided for renting.
• The Availability of resources.

Future Scope & Aim

India Generator’s major focus is on working to make their services far more durable than they are. The company also employs its attention in curating newer innovations with the assistance of the best technological equipment’s in the industry.

Diesel Generator on Rent in Delhi NCR

India Generator provides high-quality Diesel Generators to our potential clients. All these rental services are provided by our skilled workers, who have good experience in this field. Known for efficiency and reliability, our services are highly acknowledged by our clients. To achieve and maintain the utmost customer satisfaction level, we offer the services within the stipulated period.

India Generator is a noteworthy company in this field, occupied in providing high-quality Diesel Generator on Rent in Delhi NCR. We ensure high performance and provide service in offices, factories, homes, events, functions, and other places.

Our highly skilled technicians assure that the offered generator is well-known for its fuel efficiency and easy installation. We provide generators in good working condition as proper service and maintenance are done by our experts. Our generators are popular for their user-friendly operations and low maintenance.

Why hire a Diesel Generator from us?

We have a high variety of DG sets to offer to our customers with different specifications and uses. Along with this, we take the utmost care of the different requirements of our customers thus, provide an alternative facility for these to our customers.

India Generator is well known in Delhi NCR for the superior range of services that we offer to the customers in the market and we rent out generators to the customers. The Diesel Generator which we offer to the customers is high on demand and we ensure high performance and an excellent range of services to the customers.

These services are made available to the customers at very reasonable rates and we offer these services to the clients without any delay as per their expectations.

Features of our Diesel Generator:

● Unbeatable Quality.
● Robust construction.
● Negligible noise.
● Resistant and durable.
● Reliable and steady.
● Hassle-free functionality.
● Smooth functioning.
● Corrosion resistance.
● Fuel Efficiency.
● User-friendly operation.

Our Specialty

India Generator is a prominent product and service provider of different generators like Diesel Generator, Silent Diesel Generator, Electric Generator, Light Generator, Marine Generator, Diesel Generator etc.

All our services are extremely demanded in the market due to reliability and timely execution. We get 100% satisfaction by delivering the Diesel Generator on Rent in Delhi NCR.

We offer high-speed services to both emergencies as well as hired projects. We are well-known for giving dedicated service with a sincere and remarkable approach in all our dealings and projects. Our products and services are undertaken by the strict guidelines of engineers employing the latest machines and tools.

We have a team of professional engineers who check the DG sets before giving it on rent. Our outstanding team provides the best and on-time services for DG sets in Delhi NCR. Most of our people are professionally qualified, trained, and serving the industry for more than twenty years.

We boast a team consisting of 30 experienced Graduate Engineers, 100 odd Diploma Engineers, and 300 other experienced professionals. Because of our customer-based approach and 24-hour services, we can gain the trust and support of our valued customers.

Services offered by India Generator

● Operation of Power Plants.
● Maintenance of Power Plants.
● Fabrication & Erection.
● Manpower Supply.
● Retrofitting.
● Refurbishment.
● Governing Solution.
● Recondition & Overhauling.
● Condition Monitoring.
● Modernization of Power Plants.
● Up-gradation of Power Plants.

Advantages of hiring Diesel Generator on Rent from us

● You will enjoy a wide range of quality products and services of DG sets that we offer to fulfill the different requirements of our different customers.
● Whenever you find any problem, our dedicated and professional team will provide assistance and service at any given time. Our team is smart enough to detect and troubleshoot any type of defect that occurs in the machine.
● You will receive the generators without any delay. All our customers are very well satisfied with our service and we always strive to maintain customer satisfaction levels.
● You will get highly reliable & efficient products from us. Also, the installation is done from our side.
● You will receive the DG set at a quite reasonable and affordable rate as compared to the services we offer. We strongly believe in fair business and try our level best to maintain it.

Company Future Goal

India Generator has the best employees who are dedicated to their respective roles and put in a lot of effort to achieve the common vision and larger missions of the company. In the coming days, our vision is to expand its line of products and services and serve to a larger client base throughout the pan India.

Our mission is to provide more and more facilities for our customers and our team members as well. As the company will grow, its features and facilities will also grow.

The best part of our DG set is that it is fuel-efficient. Our rental system is flexible enough. It depends on our customers for how many days they want to hire the generator from us.

We rent generators to our customers from a few hours to a few days with the rate of per hour basis. We give Diesel Generator on Rent in Delhi NCR and our future goal is to serve our entire nation.

We provide DG set on rent in the following cases-

● In a situation where major power failure occurs.
● Where there are new constructions & expansions.
● In places or factories where there is a pre-planned power shutdown.
● In places where cultural programs, weddings, events, and functions take place.
● When there is a sudden power cut at home, school, office, etc.

Our customer-based approach has always helped us to provide quality services and maintain healthy relationships and commitment with our clients. Keeping in mind the development and growth of the company we strive hard to acquire the newest and latest technology and quality control for giving the best products and services to our clients. We aim to deliver the most reliable and rugged Diesel Generator on rent in Delhi NCR that give the maximum performance to satisfy our customers. This, along with our hard work and talent, nominates us to be the best in this industry.