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The only name for trust and potency in the field of Generator Business & Service which meet clients satisfaction and value for money. India Generator Co. is a team of more professional Mechanical Engineers located in South Delhi at Okhla Industrial Area Phase-1, New Delhi, specialized in the field of DG Set Hiring, Service, Maintenance, Installation, commissioning and overhauling of Diesel Generator Sets in India.

“We understand that we are in the service industry and pride ourselves on providing “More Professional Service” We hold a great reputation in the field of DG hiring business. We facilitate complete installation of generators at the client’s desired place. Our services DG Hiring Services, maintenance, and service of DG are in a great crave in the market.

We are at the peak in rental services, the fact behind is that we are a speedy service provider. Adding to it, our easy accessibility allows our clients to enjoy relieveness and grow there business. We are totally focused to excel ourselves in the generator rental & services.

Also, we are working on new innovations and increase the durability of our services. We use latest equipments and best of machinery for excellent output that our clients receive and admire. We have managed to position ourselves in this highly competitive field by giving value for money at priority with quality to our clients. We have achieved our Commitment to customer satisfaction giving them our service in all aspects with high technical skills, communication and team work. We have a well-equipped repair center which is satisfied with expert, trained and dedicated Professional Manpower which is supported by technical and advance infrastructure facility. All special tools Elaborated from time to time for high quality job work.

Used Generator Sale in Delhi NCR

Are you seeking the best Used Generator Sale on in Delhi NCR? Are a reasonable price and top-notch quality your top requirements?
India Generator is a one-of-a-kind destination for all of your generator requirements.
Delhi being the capital of the nation is encircled by numerous large businesses and industrial giants that require continuous power supply. Besides, People in Delhi's residential area also experience frequent power outages which makes having a generator that much more crucial. At India Generator make ensure that your houses and businesses never have to suffer power interruptions for we believe in light everywhere.

Our Used Generator Sale is wellknown throughout Delhi NCR for delivering improved, personalised, & uninterrupted generator service that is time saving.
We make certain that our clients are safeguarded and delivered with only the best customer service and take into account the effectiveness that they need for their houses and businesses, making us their only choice for all Generator needs.

What are the benefits of buying a used generator?

Most businesses overlook the installation of a backup commercial or industrial generator when gearing up for emergencies, adverse weather, and other power failure incidents.
Often these businesses refrain from buying a power generator for a variety of reasons that involve cost, lack of awareness about generators, generator lead time, and even relevance.
Most businesses also presume that backup generators must be purchased new, not acknowledging the existence of alternatives for purchasing used generators or the advantages that are associated with used generator purchases.
There are numerous reasons why owning a used generator would be preferable to purchasing a new generator.

1) Budget & Availability: This is one of the most significant advantages of purchasing a used generator.
Whether you decide on a diesel or natural gas generator, there are a wide range of options to meet the energy needs of your business or operation.
The single most important reason that most businesses prefer to buy used generators over new generators is its cost friendliness. Used generators are a small portion of the price of new generators, thereby lowering the overall cost of purchasing a generator.

2) Lead-Time:
When you buy a new generator, the manufacturers must construct the generators to order, which means there is typically no stock available. New generator orders normally have a lead time of 8-16 weeks.
Buying a used generator compresses the duration it takes to acquire a generator because they are available to be shipped as quickly as you want or need them. As a result, used generators are among the best options for businesses that require a backup generator right away.

3) Reliability:
You can expect the used generator or genset to be in a perfect working order if purchased from an approved dealer. Most certified used generator dealers always evaluate, retain, and restore any used generators before selling them to ensure proper functioning and durability.
Another thing to keep in mind is that many pre-owned or used generators have only ever been in an idle state, which implies that they will perform as if they were totally fresh and new.

4) Minimal Paperwork:
When purchasing a used generator, you must still finalise some paperwork in order to close the transaction, but the documentation and filing process is significantly less engaging, resulting in a quicker backup generator acquisition.

5) Flexibility:
When a manufacturer develops a new generator, the consumer is usually obligated to accept the generator as-is. When buying a pre-owned generator, you have more freedom to make adjustments or modifications to meet your specific requirements.

Why worry about power interruptions when India Generator has you covered. Reach out to us for more +919311153376.