Generator on Rent

Generator on Rent in Noida, Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Greater Noida

India Generator Co. offer power planning to ensure less downtime and peace of mind so when the lights go out you can get back up and running quickly.

Our Premium Power Plan ensures we already know your needs and can offer priority service to our registered customers.

Our experience and personalized service will give you the edge to ensure your production is a success.

Based on the requirement of clients we are providing Diesel Generator Set (Silent & Normal DG Set) for Hiring from 15 KVA to 1500 KVA on monthly & yearly contract basis. Our Makes: Kirloskar, Tata Cummins, Ashok Leyland, Mahendra etc.

Significant 25 years of experience and unparalleled professionalism in Generator on Rent Services and a brand name itself, India Generators is a top-notch Power Supplier to exist in Delhi NCR.

Setting up of stationary power unit or managing a bigger project, India Generator is all set and loaded to exceptionally manage Industrial Power needs.

Striving hard to be India’s top choices in rental power by offering a wide range of services to different business sectors that include Event Management, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Banking, IT, Hospitals, Multiplexes, and other Commercial sites.

Generator is an electric device it is a very useful device. As you all know generator is an electric device which converts motive power into electrical power for the use of external electricity.

There are different types of generators available in the market from low quality to high quality, price of the generator may different from company to company.

As we all know a generator cost a lot, not every individual can afford a generator, there are few companies in the market which gives generator on rent.

Why Choose India Generator Co.?

Our entire system is boxed up with cutting-edge technology and is constantly upgrading with the latest market trends in the city.

What puts us away from the crowd is our ability to adapt and procreate in the environment we work in, thereby benefitting both the customers and their company.

Over the 25 years we have gathered a team of talented, professional, and skilled engineers who work great finesse.

Our Generators are obtained from top manufactures to give you the efficiency you need. With India Generator, disruptions and failure is never a choice.

We offer generator on rent to meet the power needs of people. Our customers would choose to be able to hire one generator from the scope of generators depending on their necessities and prerequisites.

We provide a highly reliable & efficient containerized ready to install the generator with the best manpower expertise to operate & maintain the generator.

We take pride in offering reasonable and additional cost-compelling services of the generator. We strongly believe in customer satisfaction and try our level best to achieve it.

Our Services:

We’re specialized in providing Generator on Rent Services for ranging from 15 KVA to 1500 KVA to small & big corporate houses & all others. We offer rental power solutions as per customer’s requirements.

Our rental generators are perfect for any fast & easy temporary, emergency or backup power supply. Fully appointed control panel is teamed with our generator for ease of use and for monitoring generator performance.

1. Generators on Rent:Renting a generator is now easier than ever with India Generator. We provide a wide range of generators to suit almost all business power needs. Our generators are from top producers and display a guaranteed increase in growth and performance of the business.
2. Sale-Purchase: Buying and selling old Generators is another exceptional service we offer our customers. The DG’s (Diesel Generator) are dealt with the most fitting re-sell value that helps customers receive a generous value for their assets.
3. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC): Our team of professionals have handcrafted the AMC’s to protect the clientele’s interest and to ensure smooth functioning of their business. Maintenance Costs, Heat Aspiration, and other technicalities are now covered under the AMC’s, leaving the customers with nothing to worry about.
4. Sound Proofing: Serving your business’s power needs and protecting the environment go hand-in-hand with India Generator. Our line of well-maintained, and sound proof generators range from 15-1200 KVA and produce minimal disturbances to the surroundings.

The Perks You Get

People and businesses using generator on rent services, quick and easy availability of generators for renting, hardly any maintenance issues, almost zero downtime, quick substitution, immediate scale up or scale down as required, flexibility to decide on configuration and conversion of renting into ownership after a minimum period of operation.

• Less Maintenance and Zero Downtime: Our AMC’s cover almost all of the Generator’s maintenance. Customers can now stay at ease without having to worry about additional costs and can also enjoy uninterrupted power supply.
• Cost Reduction: Renting a generator is always the most viable option when compared to buying it. India Generator provides the best-re-selling sale and purchase value on old generators that help you save big.
• Increased Revenue: Our Generators work rigorously in helping the customers increase their productivity. With little to no interference in production, India Generator delivers enhanced profits to their customers
• Quick and Easy Availability: Customers are our priority and we make sure that their needs are catered to at the earliest. We ensure fast and durable services that are easy to use and generate instant results.
• Try Before You Buy: Sometimes you buy a generator and you are unsure about it, rather than wasting money on an unsure generator one should always try the generator first rather than investing money on an unsure electric generator.

Our major focus is to provide businesses the power to progress towards greater heights and we work in unison with our customers to achieve the same. Come join forces with India Generator Co., turning dreams into reality.