Old Generator sale purchase in India

India Generator is one of India's largest and most trusted Old Generator sales and purchase companies. It is one of the most competent old Generator Set (Genset) manufacturers in India, which is designed to provide optimum power backup solutions in various business and commercial applications.

Our fully-equipped Generators have the most advanced technology, cutting-edge equipment, have upgraded engines, systems, and controls, and designed using the latest software.

The Research & Engineering facility is strengthened by an ultra-modern emission test lab which ensures that our products are emission compliant and eco-friendly. India Generator is known for providing noise and emission-free old generator for sale and purchase in India.

India Generator is famous name in market for buying and selling of old diesel generators. We buy old generators from various places and sell them as refurbished product after proper overhauling and inspection under specialist service engineers.

We all aware about power cut in our city and as for the solution people go for power generators to continue the electric supply.

But everyone can’t afford buying a new generator as it is a non-affordable electric device, so there are majority of people who prefer purchasing an old generator rather than purchasing a new generator.

Our company has always been appreciated by our clients for our optimal quality performance by our generators and also the Old Generators Sale or Purchase in India. This has helped our Company to stand out as a firm and be able to provide old and used generators for sales.

Our firm is committed to providing test and well-maintained old generators for sale or purchase with the help of our professional and expert engineers and technicians inward our firm. We can ensure our client that we refit old generator with new and original spare parts and the quality feature which is installed in our generator just to keep it upgraded with current strict emission law.

Our firm is able to pitch a wide range of generators in all different models from our high-principled and trusted manufacturers in the market. Our firm aims to help our clients to meet their requirement your need and requirement by offering our Old Generators for Sale or Purchase in India for your offices, factories, homes and even for a requirement of small business.

We can ensure that all our old and used equipment have always been able to fulfil the need and requirement of our customers with ease. We try to offer the most reliable and efficient solution to all the power problems to our clients, offering a wide range of used generators which are revamped for excellent performance.

During this condition, we help our customers with the replacement of the worn-out spares of the machine and check for the functioning of the gen-set. We also provide Old Generator for Sale or Purchase at fare and best prices.

Why Choose Us

India Generator is a generator-based company which provides services in Delhi NCR and pan India. Our primary mission is the renting and sale of old and new DG sets for business and personal usage.

We are one of the leading suppliers and service providers of diesel generator sets and equipment like generator designing services, generator installation services, generator rent services, generator repair services, and generator purchase and sale in Delhi NCR and pan India.

India Generator provides an end-to-end alternate backup power solution that you deserve, no matter what size DG set you may require. We provide a backup power generator installation of any size for your home, business, or commercial purpose.

Our technical experts and professionals make sure to provide the most economic and best-performing solution to the customer while keeping all the necessary compliances and norms intact.

Our technical experts working in Delhi NCR are highly qualified and experienced Engineers who are specialized in the field of sales, installation, commissioning, preventive maintenance, servicing, and overhauling of DG sets.

We give priority to quality and aftersales service above everything else. Commitment to customer satisfaction is achieved by the pursuit of excellence in all aspects with high technical skills, coordination, and teamwork.

Benefits of Hiring / Buying an Old Generators.

Electric generator is a very useful device, it is often use when there is a power cut going on, especially in summer time everyone needs a back of electric generator which helps you to supply the electricity during the power cut, generator is a life saver device.

Not everyone can afford buying a new generator as it is a non-affordable electric device, so there are majority of people who prefer purchasing an old generator rather than purchasing a new generator.

1) Saves Money: Purchasing an old generator will cost you half of the price as compared to the pricing of a new generator, so it will definitely help you to save money but make sure you purchase a good quality generator.
2) Efficiency of Generator: If you are purchasing an old generator, you will be acknowledged about the functioning of the generator. One will surely know about the electric generator, how many hours it can work and how much it can cost for the maintenance of the electric generator.
3) Affordable Option: Purchasing an old generator is a very affordable option if you need it for a little time, you will get an attractive price option for purchasing an old generator. There are several options in the generator you can get in different sizes and in different voltage power as you need while purchasing an old generator.
4) Superior fuel consumption: Our all generators are very superior to fuel consumption and It’s not effecting your pocket directly. Because we understand our clients needs and requirements exactly.
5) Total Service Support: Our team of engineers, technicians and other professionals has a first rate understanding of generated associated problems. We make certain progressed efficiency with maintained nice of numerous styles of electric generators.

Whenever a new or used generator comes to us, we research and maintain a thorough maintenance history of the generator. This helps us and also our customers to make an informed choice when purchasing or hiring the old generator from us.

New Generator Purchase in Delhi NCR

India Generator Co. is a high-end vendor and buyer of engines, new generator sets, electric utilities, and power equipment accessories. This Delhi NCR-based firm retrieves, identifies, and compares the current market value of currently available stockpile and secondary market power generation equipment.
The company's head office is in Delhi NCR, where it oversees operations for the entire city. The business provides both standalone pieces of machinery and complete power solutions. We offer generator rental and generator hire services, purchase of a new generator and an AMC agreement.

Why India Generator Co.?

We learn about the specific situation of the market through our routine interactions with equipment suppliers and buyers in the power generation industry. Real-time access to equipment and solutions, as well as information on their availability and condition, is made possible by our attention to detail across a broad array of applications, preferences, and industries.

Our USP’s

1. Successful Client Assistance
2. Personalized Services
3. Budgetary Forecasting
4. Warranty Additions
5. Affordability

Common FAQ’s answered:

Q1) What is the product threshold, what are the features and capabilities, and so on?
The company currently offers diesel generator sets with power outputs ranging from 15 kVA to 1500 kVA and engines for various industrial uses, including prime movers for compressors, water pumps, and other devices. The engine, the beating heart of the DG set, is made in a cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Delhi, National Capital Region.
A1 Class governing, low running costs, fuel efficiency, minimal vibration, no leak, and a high power to weight ratio are the major characteristics. The total cost of ownership will be among the lowest in the sector overall.

Q2) Where can I use these generators?
These machines can handle any impedance or inductive load. In essence, these Generators can handle 100% block load in a single pass. For example, a 15 KVA machine can power two window AC units as well as domestic building loads.

Q3) What factors should be considered when selecting a suitable a Genset?
Because all Synchronous generators perform best at 80% load, the Genset rating should be about 20% greater than your actual running loads. Starting loads (Current) of engines should also be taken into account when selecting capacity. Please contact our experienced sales dealers in your area, and we will send an engineer to your location to facilitate you in picking the Genset as well as offering assistance on site selection.

Q4) How should I proceed with service & maintenance?
The generator must be serviced every 500 hours. In between these service sessions, there is no need to top it up with a coolant.

Q5) Who offers Generator Servicing?
We have a massive network of Customer assistance providers throughout the city of Delhi NCR. Please hop on to our website for more information or visit us at our office address.

Q6) In case of emergencies, who do I reach out to?
Please get in touch with our area service dealer. The know-how is available on our website. In the event of a disruption, you may contact the India Generator Co. office.